"Self Awareness made me who I am. It's a journey of Self Discovery"

  • Discovery Process®

    The CCR3 Discovery Process® is unique and is designed to give an in-depth perspective on any person from three separate but intrinsically linked areas. Its purpose is aligned to performance improvement through personal & professional development.

    Emotional Intelligence

    We look at how a person Thinks & Makes Decisions, and measure these findings against business related competencies such as Leadership, Gaining Commitment and Communication. It identifies their natural talent and levels of Self Awareness, and helps maximise their strengths whilst aligning them to the role they currently fulfil. It can identify potential blockers to performance and highlight the correct approach to remove them.

    Value Structure

    The second area we evaluate are the Values of each team member. Values are what drive a person and by understanding what a persons principle drivers are, both they and their peers are able to create the correct levels of engagement to get the job done to high performance levels. By understanding these Motivators, you attain accountability. Once you have this, then obtaining the commitment to do whatever it takes becomes easier.


    Finally, we look at the behavioural perspective which is produced by the first two measurements, to understand a person’s Natural and Adapted behavioural styles. When we know this, we can measure work related stress levels that are current and likely to affect performance. We use this information to create the correct environment to allow the person to breathe, whilst maximising productivity, efficiency and profitability in the organisation.

    It also identifies better communication and collaboration strategies to make the workplace more focused on the goals of the organisation.

    We use this observable insight to establish and refine, those professional behaviours you want to witness, within the culture you want to live by.

  • One Source®

    Performance Management is critical to both the individual as well as the organisation.

    No matter how great your people are, if all that talent doesn’t know where it’s going, the potential cost in lost productivity, efficiency, profitability and growth cannot be underestimated.

    OneSource® is a Cloud based software solution that helps organisations assess the quality of their talent pool, along with the structure and robustness of their performance processes and then helps transfer skills and knowledge to those managing succession.

    Fully Integrated Process

    We created a process that is fully integrated and owned by our clients who adopt the OneSource® approach. The system allows you to take a holistic look at the organisation, the focus and goals of the organisation and what the roles within the organisation need to deliver to achieve the necessary performance levels. The system aligns that data to a set of measurable global or business competencies that the organisation adopts and lives by as part of its ethos.

    There are nine areas that OneSource® manages and each one of these critical areas is integrated into one system, a single source that HR, Senior Management, Learning & Development and Resource Planning can utilise to generate real time management information that is easily accessible from any PC or smart enabled device.

    Clients adopt OneSource® because it allows them to make evidenced based decisions right across the organisation that saves money, time and resource by increasing the management of performance, productivity, growth and profit.

  • People & Change

    CCR3 takes a blended learning approach to all of its People & Change solutions.

    We often start the change journey with our Pathfinder methodology, which is a process to establish the journey past, present and future. The process is extremely robust and produces a working document with actions, options and milestones.

    To compliment this, we have developed a series of development programmes, workshops and one-to-one engagements that are designed to facilitate change within the individual, the team or the entire organisation. All modular and bespoke.

    For those organisations that prefer to own the entire process, we have an accreditation programme that allows skills and knowledge transfer to happen should the client wish to adopt our solutions within the organisation on an ongoing basis .

  • iPulse®

    iPulse® is an integrated performance diagnostic that measures performance across critical areas of any organisation:

    Team Effectiveness

    Departmental Effectiveness  

    Organisational Health Check

    Operational Effectiveness

    Programme & Project Impact & Effectiveness

    Leadership & Management Effectiveness

    Stress Impact 

    Currently, for a client to gain insight into a project or establish how part of a programme is running, to take the ‘pulse’ of that programme, it is typical to call in external organisations, such as one of the big 4 and have consultancy services carried out, normally taking in excess of 6 weeks to formulate and produce a report which is based mainly on a set of high end, recognised questions that are designed to deliver findings that will invariably form the basis of the report.

    iPulse® looks to use the same methodology and specific question sets, and deliver the report within hours directly into the mail box of the stakeholder who commissioned it for a fraction of the cost.

  • iCoach®

    iCoach® is an integrated software solution that delivers on-line coaching for both personal and professional needs across critical areas of any organisation. It’s often a fact that only the senior managers or key individuals in an organisation, that are afforded professional coaching to help them cope with, or transition to, new roles and as such, the majority of the organisation sadly miss out on something that’s often recognised as essential.

    iCoach® is designed to address this shortfall by offering a stand alone developmental platform, or by integrating directly into existing services to pinpoint and align, a coaching programme that can be delivered organisation wide.

    iCoach® is not restricted just to business and has an Cloud based version to allow SME’s and individuals, access to the coaching and development service on a ‘take as you need’ format.

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